My name is Jonas. I have a full-time office job but I don’t let any free time go to waste.

I like to travel. I’m open to going anywhere but I like visiting Asian countries the most because I enjoy the culture there, I have relatives plopped all over and money goes a longer way there. I hope to share my travels with you here.

I like to eat. I lean towards Asian cuisine – sushi and ice cream are two of my favorites – but I’m open to anything and everything. Ask me if I’ve eaten it before and I probably have. I want to share my favorite food finds with you. This is not a food review site. If I don’t don’t like something, I won’t post it up. This means anything I post up I actually recommend. I’m a sucker for ig-worthy food and interior design, but I will not buy something just for the photo-op. (If I did, it was someone else’s idea. LOL!) Those marketing tactics (usually) don’t work on me.

I like to exercise. Not really, but it’s a necessity with the amount I eat.

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