Alliance Seafood: Sambal Stingray 联合海鲜烧烤:參巴醬烤魔鬼魚

Alliance Seafood: Sambal Stingray 联合海鲜烧烤:參巴醬烤魔鬼魚

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Living in America, you can get pretty much any ethnic food out there. (It just isn’t always the best.) But the one thing that I’ve never really found elsewhere is the sambal stingray, or just stingray in general. It’s not common in America. The texture of Southeast Asian stingray is like fish minus all the bones. The meat slides off like butter. Spicy lovers like me will enjoy stingray roasted in sambal sauce. When traveling, time is precious so I suggest getting it wherever you see it. This one is from Alliance Seafood.

500 Clemenceau Ave North, Newton Circus Food Centre #01-27

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