Cavalli Cafe: Cannoli

Cannolo (that’s singular for cannoli)

The best cannoli in San Francisco is at a true hidden gem of a cafe called Cavalli Cafe. It’s at the border of Chinatown and North Beach, but sitting the Chinatown side even locals that would care don’t know about it. The cafe is not IG-worthy by millenial standards, which is good for me because it’s never full. From the outside it looks like somewhat of a run down Italian cafe with Italian bakery pastries like croissants at the display case, but what it fails to showcase is what it truly specializes in. I’ve spent a good amount of foodie years in San Francisco’s North Beach, and I’ve eaten at a handful of cannoli shops in Rome. I haven’t been everywhere – I really need to visit its hometown Sicily – but in my opinion Cavalli Cafe makes the best cannoli out there. Fresh ingredients, pumped to order, never soggy. The thin and crispy shells shatter at bite but holds together thanks to the freshly pumped ricotta. No fancy flavors here like you’d find all over Italy – just excellent, solid basics. Their tiramisu is also possibly the best in the city. Why spend $10 for dessert at an Italian restaurant around the corner when you can just come here and spend $5 for an even better treat? And of course, a cappuccino.

Cavalli Cafe: Tiramisu and Cannoli

1441 Stockton St
San Francisco, CA 94133

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