CIAO CIAO X BLACKSPIN: Scones 悄悄 黑眼圈:司康

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Scone & Fresh Milk Tea 司康+鮮奶茶

It’s pretty hard to get a decent scone just about anywhere in the world. They are usually just too dry for my liking. Even the ones served in English afternoon tea rooms usually needs the help of cream and jam to moisten them up. Then came CIAO CIAO悄悄好食與BLACKSPIN黑眼圈. This window cafe only has scones on the food menu: you can have it sliced and filled with cream or you can have it as is. With or without the cream, the scone is already moist inside while the outside remains light, crisp and slightly sweet. It goes great with any of the coffee or tea options on the menu.

CIAO CIAO X BLACKSPIN: Scone & Fresh Milk Tea 悄悄 黑眼圈:司康+鮮奶茶

Eastern District , Da’an
Da’an District, 台北市 106

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