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Home Cafe: Avocado Toast Sampler, Matcha Latte and Lavender Latte

Home Cafe: Lattes and Toasts

avocado toast sampler: bacon crumbles, radish / spicy kimchi, pine nuts / baby arugula, cherry tomatoes matcha latte lavender latte I'm not one to dine at places simply for the gram. Home Cafe just happens to be super instagrammable and good at the same time. Everything you order is a work of art and taste as good as they look. First off, I'm picky with my matcha - I prefer ceremonial-grade matcha and I don't add sugar. Second, if I do get sweetened drinks, I don't like it too sweet. Third, if I get anything sweet (like c[...]
Bini's Kitchen: Lamb Momos

Bini’s Kitchen: Lamb Momos

Lamb MoMo with spicy tomato cilantro sauce Dumplings have become a fad in the social media world. I don't buy it. Colorful dumplings served in chic settings doesn't always equate to delicious dumplings - just good marketing and beautiful photos. Bini's Kitchen is a no-frills permanent take-out stand that specializes in momos, which is Nepalese for dumplings. The inside is meaty and juicy (not soupy) and the skin is thin and chewy. At $6-$8 for 8 pieces of momos in the FiDi, it's a hot find. 1 Post Plz San Francisco, CA[...]
Tai Chi Jianbing: Original Jianbing

Tai Chi Jianbing: Tianjin-style Original Jianbing

old street original jianbing 老街原味煎餅 organic un-bleach wheat flour, mixed bean flour, cage free brown egg, crispy wonton, green onion, cilantro, roasted sesame, cumin, sweet bean past, garlic chili sauce The very last thing I ate during my last trip to China was a jianbing from a street vendor. Jianbing literally translates to panfried pancake. It was the best 15RMB (~$2.25) I spent that day. Freshly made crepe layered with eggs, sauces, crispy crackers, chopped scallions, then folded up into a delicious soft-on[...]
Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream: Hong Kong Milk Tea

Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream: Hong Kong Milk Tea

Fans of Hong Kong milk tea will find Humphry Slocombe's HK milk tea ice cream to be a real treat. It's available only at NorCal Whole Foods branches. Here's my quick take on it: Humphry Slocombe's ice cream is usually too sweet for me, but I'm a fan of HK milk tea and I enjoyed this. A lot of people are giving this ice cream negative reviews. It's not "true" HK milk tea because seriously, Whole Foods and Humphry Slocombe won't be standing in a kitchen steeping tea in silk stockings all day. We're in San Francisco and honestl[...]
Eye of the Avocado: Roy G. Biv Sandi

Eye of the Avocado: Roygbiv Sandwich

brioche bun, melty cheese, 7 minute egg, pickled onions, purple carrots, haricots verts, greens, herb butter Add the Roy G. Biv Sandi from Eye of the Avocado to the list of must-eat breakfast sandwiches in the City. Local, organic, sustainable ingredients if it matters because yeah, I know, that's nothing special for being in San Francisco. It's ridiculously expensive at $10 plus $2 for avocado and $3 for bacon (which I opted out of this time), but it's equally ridiculously delicious and eating a rainbow comes at a price.[...]

Marco Polo Italian Ice Cream: Durian Ice Cream

hand-crafted following traditional Italian production process with Real and Natural ingredients My favorite ice cream shop that I've been going to since I was a kid in San Francisco is Marco Polo Italian Ice Cream, which I guess should really read gelato but since it's Chinese-founded and owned, the Chinese to English translation is literally Italian Ice Cream. I've tried durian ice cream from different places around the world, but Marco Polo has the pungent freshness and smooth texture that can't be beat. It's even better[...]
Ha Nam Ninh: #25 Hu Tieu Nam Vang Kho

Ha Nam Ninh: Hu Tieu Nam Vang Kho

Asians in San Francisco have a go-to dish that doesn't seem to be as well-known with the non-Asian crowd. When someone says, "Let's eat dry pho," we already know what that means. Ha Nam Ninh is a Vietnamese pho restaurant in the Tenderloin. It's never packed - or at least every time I go - so I've never had to wait to be seated, yet all local Asians know about it and love it. We all order the same thing: officially on the menu it's #25 Hu Tieu Nam Vang, but we all order it as hu tieu nam vang kho, "kho" meaning dry, and sinc[...]
Andytown Coffee Roasters: Snowy Plover

Andytown Coffee Roasters: Snowy Plover

Pellegrino over ice until the glass is two-thirds full + two shots of Andytown’s home-roasted espresso + brown-sugar-based syrup + homemade whipped cream. Locals make the trek towards the beach for this Outer Sunset treat, named after the bird found at Ocean Beach. It's smooth and refreshing and even though it's usually cold in the area it doesn't stop the locals from indulging in a cup. Now available at two locations: 3655 Lawton St San Francisco, CA 94122 3629 Taraval San Francisco, CA 94116[...]
Blue Bottle Coffee: Liege Waffle and Latte

Blue Bottle Coffee: Liege Waffle

caramelized Belgian style Liege waffle hot out of the waffle iron in a few minutes Everyone from the west coast to the east coast to the far east (Tokyo) knows about Blue Bottle Coffee but not everyone knows about their Liege waffles. The way I see it is you can either wait an hour to get seated at a restaurant and order a fresh-made Liege waffle topped with fruits and syrups and a mountain of whipped cream that will take another 15-20 minutes to come out and then pay $15, or you can go to Blue Bottle Coffee and pay less t[...]
Devil's Teeth Baking Comapny: Special breakfast sandwich

Devil’s Teeth Baking Company: Special Breakfast Sandwich

two eggs scrambled, with pepper jack cheese, applewood smoked bacon, avocado, and our famous lemon-garlic aioli on our homemade buttermilk biscuit. The Special Breakfast Sandwich at Devil's Teeth Baking Company is my favorite breakfast sandwich. It's kind of a well-kept secret with the SF locals since it's inconveniently and fortunately at the far end of the city in the Outer Sunset. I eat it at least about once a month. Note: You must get the "Special" Breakfast Sandwich as opposed to the regular Breakfast Sandwich because[...]
Ritual Coffee Roasters: Cherry Bomb
A Sparkling Refresher *available only at select Ritual locations* Made with: cold brew concentrate, Fever-Tree tonic, and maraschino cherry syrup Gone are the days of a simple iced coffee. Just these three ingredients form the Cherry Bomb drink by Ritual Coffee Roasters. It's a cool, refreshing treat, perfect for the sunnier side of foggy SF. Sip while browsing through Flora Grubb Gardens or enjoy it while relaxing at their backyard. As for me? This time I chose to pot a cactus. Ritual Coffee Roasters 1[...]