Foie Gras & Shark Fin Pork Dumpling (Shu Mai) at Zen Peninsula

November 29th, 2010 by Jonas / Filed under Chinese, Food, Must Eat /

Foie Gras and Shark Fin Pork Siu Mai 鵝肝醬魚翅燒賣

Now here’s something so unique that I’ve never seen it in any dim sum restaurant I’ve been to. A pork dumpling (shumai/燒賣) covered with a scoop of foie gras and topped with shreds of shark fin, only at Zen Peninsula in Millbrae. In the menu, it’s noted as foie gras & shark fin pork siu-mai (鵝肝醬魚翅燒賣) and goes for $4.50 for three large pieces.

I’ve always considered foie gras to be an acquired taste, so if you’ve never liked it before, you probably won’t like it in dumpling form. Instead, check out their turnip and Chinese donut rice roll, another item I’ve never seen before. In the menu, it’s called 蘿兩. Click through the pictures to check out everything I ate and use it as a dim sum guide for your next dim sum meal.

(Happy birthday, Helen!)

1180 El Camino Real
Millbrae, CA 94030
(650) 616-9388

4 Responses to “Foie Gras & Shark Fin Pork Dumpling (Shu Mai) at Zen Peninsula”

  1. Shark finning is decimating the shark populations worldwide and is cruel beyond measure. Force feeding geese and ducks, thus enlarging their livers, to make Foie Gras is also barbaric.

    I’m surpirsed you aren’t serving a cocktail of bear bile as an apéritif, just to ensure that you have the unholy trinity of food derived from animal cruelty.

  2. Julie Wright says:

    90% of shark populations around the world have disappeared to supply chinese restaurants with fins for this sort of dish.
    The strands of cartilage are basically tasteless yet loaded with methyl-mercury,a debilitating poison causing brain damage & sterility!!!
    Sharks,as apex predators,eat other fish who have absorbed this poison in our increasingly polluted seas.Hope your clients will LOVE this!!
    The cruel activity of shark finning consists of hacking fins of a still living shark then dumping it back into the sea-without fins it cannot move either to pass water over its gills or feed.Death is slow & agonising.
    Sharks are needed in the seas to maintain healthy eco-systems.
    Serving this dish you are promoting species extinction, death of the oceans, unmentionnable cruelty (to force fed ducks,too) and compromising the health of your clients with mercury poisonning.
    Aside from that……BON APPETIT!!!

  3. Wayne Wright says:

    lololol.. no one cares about your stupid tree-hugging agenda.. people like to eat it.. so they will.. really if humans were as delicious as certain animals, id have no qualms hacking you two up and putting you (plural) on my menu

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