Rice Bun Burgers at KoJa Kitchen

February 27th, 2012 by Jonas / Filed under Food, Fusion, Must Eat, Street Food /

Chicken, Beef, and Short Rib

I never thought I’d find myself saying this, but I actually like the rice buns at KoJa Kitchen over the infamous MOS Burger of Asia. The rice is shaped perfectly into round buns and grilled to a light crisp, kinda like eating the rice stuck at the side of the stone pot of a bibimbap, except not burnt. Their “KoJa” burgers were all delicious, though I’d probably stay away from the short ribs one because it was like eating crumbs. Their “Kamikaze Fries” are also a must eat – crisscut fries (aka waffle fries) topped with diced bbq beef bulgogi, kimchi, green onions, Japanese mayo and their signature sauce. I won’t say it’s the best waffle fries I’ve had because I prefer my waffle fries crispy, but their toppings make up for it. Lastly, the mochimisu – tiramisu blended with mochi – makes for the perfect ending.

KoJa Kitchen is a food truck so you’ll have to follow them on Facebook or Twitter if you want it. (It’s worth it!)

Note: I owe Ethan lunch.

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