SHARI SHARI Kakigori House: Avocado Milk Shaved Ice SHARI SHARI 氷屋:牛油果煉奶刨冰

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Avocado snob here. I’m Californian and I love all things avocado. I’m sad that Californians typically look at avocado as part of a savory bite because the Asian side of me also likes it in my dessert. With that said, I’m glad SHARI SHARI Kakigori House 氷屋 came out with an avocado condensed milk shaved ice 牛油果煉奶刨冰. It’s powdered shaved ice topped with a creamy avocado syrup and condensed milk. It’s not too sweet since avocado itself is not sweet so the sweetness is only coming from the condensed milk, unlike the other flavors with fruits that are already sweet. At the center of the shaved ice is crushed (Nilla?) cookies which offered more crunch and sugar. This is my favorite kakigori (Japanese for shaved ice) in all of Hong Kong.

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island
G/F, 14 Haven Street
Hong Kong

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